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Suppose you suffer personal injury or get ill on a cruise ship resulting from someone else’s negligence. In that case, you will need an admiral lawyer to represent you and get you the compensation you deserve.

Legal concerns at sea, such as employees’ compensation, illegal acts, personal injuries, and employment issues, are also covered by maritime admiralty law.

So, what is admiralty law?

Admiralty law, also known as maritime law, is a legal body that governs nautical issues and private maritime disputes. It consists of both marine and domestic law activities.

Although each legal jurisdiction has legislation governing maritime matters, the international nature of the topic and the need to have uniformity have led to considerable global naval law developments. This includes multilateral treaties.

The Irwin Law Firm is the best admiralty law firm in Miami. Our company was established to assist clients in obtaining the damages they are entitled to under maritime law. We have over 20 years of experience in the regional marine business,  and in that time, we have been conducting litigation in matters involving companies and personal harm.

Our areas of practice include:

Admiralty and Maritime Law • Cruise Ship Accidents • Commercial Litigation • Transactional Law – Buying and Selling • Contract for the Construction of Vessel • Yacht Transactions – Foreign & Domestic Ownership • Personal Injury Litigation • Jones Act • General Contract Drafting • Opinion Letters for Banks • Civil Appeals • Civil Litigation Defense • Mediation in Maritime law cases


What does Admiralty Law Cover?

Maritime admiralty covers various offshore situations, including cruise lines, cargo ships, marine trade, sea navigation, carelessness, unseaworthiness, and civil maritime torts and casualties.

Commercial accidents that cause harm to ships and cargo, injuries to sailors, and hazardous material leaks are a few examples of such events. Additionally, piracy and criminal activities, claims against ships, wake damage, and towage agreements are all subject to admiralty law.

To protect your rights and learn about your legal alternatives, if you are facing a marine legal situation, get in touch with an admiralty law attorney at once.



Typically, any occurrence that involves two vessels colliding or a sailor/passenger being hurt aboard a ship in navigable waters will fall within the admiralty jurisdiction.

Additionally, incidents where an offense like sexual assault against an American citizen occurred on board a vessel in international waters also fall under maritime admiralty jurisdiction.

Contract actions involving agreements relating to commerce, navigation, or marine business, such as those involving chartered ships or cargo transport, are frequently subjected to admiralty jurisdiction. A professional Miami admiralty lawyer will explain more about this.


Why Is An Admiralty Lawyer Essential?

Maritime law-governed personal injury cases present different problems that require an admiralty lawyer in Miami with experience. Furthermore, most personal injury attorneys refuse to take on these matters because they need to gain expertise in admiralty law.

The Jones Act, a piece of federal legislation containing a set of rules, outlines the rights of accident victims who meet the definition of “seamen.” A crew member who fits the act’s standards is referred to as a seaman, whether female or male.

You need legal guidance from an admiralty law attorney to understand this.


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