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Boat Accident Lawyer

When you live in the yachting capital of the world, it’s a pretty fantastic place to be if you are passionate about maritime activities or running a commercial business involved in marine distribution. Having the freedom and space to pursue activities such as fishing, cruising, and transporting means you have a higher probability of being exposed to the occurrence of accidents or injuries at sea. If that’s your case, it’s better to cautiously have the listing of a cruise ship attorney to help in case an eventuality occurs. Where can you find such representation in Miami? Instead of wasting time going through legal firms that aren’t familiarized with maritime law and fully know the practices involved in cruising, refer to Irwin Law Firm, your local boat accident lawyer from Fort Lauderdale.   

What Is Maritime Law? How Can It Help You?

It’s the branch of the law focused on nautical matters. It involves profound knowledge of the ruling conventions, treaties, codes, protocols, and regulations governing the maritime practices taking place on the open sea.  

For cruising aficionados and formal maritime businesses facing any accident or nautical allegation is a primary urgency to find a specialist in maritime law as a safety measure to proceed through this regrettable and concerning situation legally.  

Where Can You Find this Type of Legal Representation in Your Area?

Miami residents can find a specialist cruise ship attorney at Irwin Law Firm, a successful legal practice from Fort Lauderdale that has been working in the local marine industry for more than 25 years and still counting. Throughout this time, the firm has received multiple accolades and represented different clients, including manufacturers, dealers, brokers, vessel owners, crew members, buyers, sellers, marine repair and maintenance companies, individuals, and corporate entities.

Irwin Firm Law offers clients a wide variety of representation services:

  • Admiralty and maritime law
  • Cruise ship accidents
  • Commercial litigation
  • Transactional law – buying and selling
  • Contract development for the construction of vessels
  • Yacht transactions – foreign and domestic ownership
  • Personal injury litigation
  • Jones act
  • General contract drafting
  • Opinion letters for banks
  • Civil appeals
  • Civil litigation defense.

If you identify your case from the list, call Irwin Firm Law, your local maritime law legal consultant.

Why Having Representation from an Expert Boat Accident Lawyer Makes a Difference?

Performing legal transactions, for instance, buying a yacht requires expertise to avoid wrongful procedures due to a lack of information. Crucial steps, like receiving all certifications and documentation (bill of sale), and having all the essential parts tested (if the vessel is used) are duly verified when the lawyer is an expert on the subject. Otherwise, you are at risk of falling short and losing your money’s worth.

Irwin Law Firm truly knows how to handle every case of maritime law, letting you rest assured you are on the capable hands of an experienced attorney. 

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