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Maritime Law Miami

Accidents happen at sea too! That’s why there’s an entire field of law dedicated to the rules and procedures of the water. Irwin Law Firm has proudly shared our expertise in this lesser-known field with clients all over the Miami area. We’re located in the Yachting Capital of the World, so we’ve seen everything. From the buying and selling of yachts, to marine personal injury, to cruise ship accidents. For over 25 years, Irwin Law has been the maritime law Miami trusts the most to win their cases. If you’re injured on the water, navigating everything that comes next can be tough. Irwin Law can help.

What Is Maritime Law?

But what exactly is maritime law anyway? It’s a broad field, that requires a deep understanding to be able to handle any case, but in short, it is an entire field of legal study relating to maritime cases (or cases that happen on the water). Here at Irwin Law, we divide this field into three areas of practice that are our specialty:

1) Marine Personal Injury

When you’re injured at sea, things are a little different than on land. For one, you may need immediate medical attention, but there is none to be found, worsening your condition. How do you file a claim? What else do you need to keep in mind? For example, does maritime jurisdiction apply? All this and more, we’ll help you figure out.

2) Cruise Ship Accidents

Did you know that when you go on a cruise, your ticket acts a contract? This contract sets out a short limit of time in which you can file a claim to a court. But this can be a lengthy, complicated legal process. When you’re under this kind of time-limit, you want someone on your side that wastes not a second and knows exactly what they’re doing. That’s why Irwin Law is here for you.

3) Buying & Selling Yachts

Why do I need a lawyer for buying/selling my own yacht? We can help with a number of things. We can help you with your homework and make sure that the yacht you are purchasing is truly the one for you. If selling, we can help you make sure everything is properly inspected, protecting you from potential lawsuits. And we can help with so much more.

Why We’re The Maritime Law Miami Locals Trust Most

All of this is important knowledge to have in Miami, given the amount of maritime traffic we see here on the coast. When most people think of personal injury law, they think of car accidents or on the job slips. But what happens when you get injured on the seas? Who has jurisdiction? Who is responsible? Can you claim damages? As natives of South Florida we know the dangers of the sea all too well. We have the experience and expertise to fight your commercial litigation or personal injury cases effectively. Ready to get to know Irwin Law better? Call us now with your case.

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At Irwin Law Firm, we’ve been in the business as the maritime law Miami locals come to again and again for over 25 years. Whether you’re looking for commercial litigation or seeking compensation for personal injury, we’re the ones to call.

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