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Cruise Ship Injuries

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Going on a cruise is a very exciting event because you get to visit different parts of the world, enjoy the beautiful ocean view, and surround yourself with loved ones at the same time. However, there are logistics that our cruise ship lawyers at Irwin Law Firm want you to know about, so you can be fully prepared on your next cruise. You actually abide by a contract when you purchase a cruise ticket and understanding your rights for personal injury is crucial just in case. There are many cruise ship lawsuit settlements that take place each year that people do not know about but we are going to explain what happens during these settlements, so you are aware. It is important to be fully informed by an experienced cruise ship accident lawyer, so you can feel comfortable and prepared for this unfortunate event. Personal injuries on cruises are not extremely common but knowing the protocols that are in place will give you peace of mind.

Cruise Ship Lawyers Explain Personal Injury Cases

Every personal injury case on a cruise is different but they all follow the same set of basic protocols. When you purchase a ticket, there are limits as to when you can claim a personal injury case in court. In other words, you can only wait so long before you file a claim after you purchase your ticket. We suggest that you file a claim as soon as possible if you are in a situation of Marine personal injury. It also takes some time to prepare because you have to get a hold of medical records, any treatment you need, and make sure that the cruise you were on is aware of your situation. Lawyers who do not work specifically for cruise ships do not usually know about personal injury cases, so it is important that you keep track of your time limit. Going past your time limit will make the entire process that much more difficult for you and the cruise that you were on may dismiss your case altogether. We want you to receive the treatment you deserve as soon as possible, so do not wait any longer than you have to.

Specific Courts

We also want to inform you that some cruise lines will require you to file your personal injury claim at specific courts. Make sure that you check what these courts are, so you can get a headstart. The lawyer you hire for your personal injury will be somewhere in your own state so if you were on a cruise in a different state it is important to contact an attorney there as well.

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Dealing with personal injury cases for cruises can be very overwhelming, which is why we try to make the entire process easier for you. Plus, our lawyers will be by your side to help you through the process.

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A talented cruise ship attorney at Irwin Law Firm is here to support you through your personal injury case. We want you to know all about the protocols, so you can gain peace of mind. Call or visit us today for more information from our professional team of cruise ship lawyers.

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