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Your cruise ship passenger ticket is a contract. Normally one wouldn’t think of their ticket as a binding contract, but it is important to know this fundamental fact when pursuing a cruise ship personal injury claim. And it’s important to engage knowledgeable cruise ship lawyers, licensed to practice in the proper jurisdiction and with knowledge of how cruise ship personal injury cases work. At Irwin Law Firm that is what we are known for.

Your cruise ship ticket sets out very specific time limits to file a claim in court. These time limits are generally much shorter, often times one (1) year from when the injury accrues, than those for torts on land. Therefore, obtaining treatment, gathering medical records and making a demand to the cruise line in a timely manner is crucial. Most non-maritime attorneys are not familiar with these issues and may miss the time within which you can file a claim. Missing the time limit may forever bar you from obtaining a recovery from the cruise line no matter how bad the injury or how negligent the cruise line was in causing it.

Most cruise line tickets require the passenger to file their claims in a very specific court such as the United States District Court in Miami-Dade County, Florida. In such cases, only an attorney licensed to practice in the federal district courts in Florida can file for you. This means that the personal injury attorney you see in your home state, outside of Florida, may ultimately need to refer your case to a Florida attorney. You don’t want to find out that this is an issue many months after your injury incident.

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