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205 W. Davie Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315 - Call Us: 954-775-2301 - Email Us: david@irwinlegal.com

Have you heard of maritime law? It might not have crossed your mind before if you haven’t experienced any form of injury out on the water, but there’s an entire field of legal study dedicated to handling maritime cases. At Irwin Law Firm, we’ve seen many of these cases as we are located near Miami–a major location for maritime traveling. Luckily, if you are injured on the water, a maritime attorney can help you depending on your circumstances.

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Located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida – the Yachting Capital of the World, Irwin Law Firm is a full-service practice providing personalized service in maritime and commercial litigation, yacht transactions – domestic and foreign, personal injury litigation, contracts for new vessel construction – purchase and charter, and dispute resolutions.

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Areas of Practice

Admiralty and Maritime Law • Cruise Ship Accidents • Commercial Litigation • Transactional Law – Buying and Selling • Contract for the Construction of Vessel • Yacht Transactions – Foreign & Domestic Ownership • Personal Injury Litigation • Jones Act • General Contract Drafting • Opinion Letters for Banks • Civil Appeals • Civil Litigation Defense

Marine Personal Injury Solutions

When getting injured out at sea, there are many concerns you might have about filing a claim. You might wonder things like does maritime jurisdiction apply? If so, how does that affect liability or the ability to recover damages in my case? If I was working at the time, am I bound by my state’s Worker’s Compensation Law, or is there a different statutory scheme that I should know about? A maritime injury lawyer can help with these questions and provide you with the solutions you need to receive compensation.

Cruise Ship Accidents with Irwin Law Firm

Did you know that a passenger ticket for a cruise ship acts as a contract? Because of this, you have a very specific time limit to file a claim if you’re injured on the ship. This is often 1 year–half the normal allotted time to file an injury claim. It may still seem like a long time, but some injuries may have long-term symptoms, and in rare cases, these might not for such a long time. You might also be required to file your claim in a specific county court, usually the one where the cruise company is located. This can be very limiting since many cruise ship passengers will come from all over. Thankfully, a maritime attorney of that county will be able to help you take control of these situations.

Buying and Selling Yachts

When looking to buy a luxury vessel, there are many components to consider. This is an expensive purchase, after all. If you’re looking for a used yacht, you’ll want to get it surveyed by a professional. There are two types of surveyors which should be employed to conduct surveys. Their reports should be thoroughly reviewed before accepting the vessel. When it comes to the title of your vessel, any new purchase should come with a bill of sale and a manufacturer’s certificate of origin (also known as an “MSO”). These documents will allow the owner to register the vessel in the state of his or her choice and/or with the United States Coast Guard.

Our Clients Include

Manufacturers • Dealers • Banks • Vessel Owners • Crew • Yacht Buyers • Yacht Sellers • Marine Repair and Maintenance Companies • Corporate Entities • Individuals

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At Irwin Law Firm, we have experience with handling maritime law cases near Miami. Whether you’ve recently been injured at sea or need help with handling the sales of a yacht, we can help. Contact us today to ask questions about maritime law and maritime injury claims, or to set up an appointment with one of our specialists. When you’re injured at sea, let us take the stress off your shoulders.


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