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Maritime law is the body of laws that govern commercial naval activity, covering everything from shipping to travel by sea or ocean. Suppose you are involved in any maritime activity, own or operate a vessel or a company related to the maritime industry. In that case, you will want to know, “what is a maritime attorney?

Maritime law is designed to ensure the safety of those on or under navigable waters. These laws provide guidelines for each country’s government to issue licenses and certifications for seagoing vessels, crew, and passengers. They also outline various procedures involved when someone is injured or dies aboard a ship or because of something related to navigation.


What is a Maritime Attorney and How Can They Help?

If you are involved in marine issues, such as ship accidents or injuries suffered at sea, you need to have an experienced maritime attorney on your legal team. You need a qualified maritime lawyer and marine accident lawyer to entirely protect your interests after a severe accident or injury.

Most maritime attorneys specialize in admiralty law, although some may practice in other areas of the law related to maritime commerce or personal injury. When hiring a maritime accident lawyer, you must ensure they have experience successfully dealing with similar specific types of cases before.

If you have suffered an injury due to a maritime disaster or injured yourself in someone’s boat, you should hire a maritime accident lawyer. You can also use the services of a maritime lawyer if you weren’t paid your wages working in a ship or are demanding claims from maritime injuries.


Careers in Maritime Law

If you are interested in a career as a maritime attorney, you will be responsible for drafting shipping contracts and negotiating shipping contracts. You will also advise and represent clients dealing with maritime commerce and transportation, represent maritime accident clients, and maintain shipping records such as insurance claims.

As a maritime attorney, you get to represent clients involved in boating accidents during both recreational and commercial maritime activities. They also protect the interests of seamen and recreational boating enthusiasts.


Qualifications of a Maritime Attorney

To be qualified and trained as a maritime attorney, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of law. To practice maritime law, you must become licensed by the state or federal agency that oversees maritime matters and be admitted to the bar association for your state.

Other qualifications that set successful maritime attorneys apart include excellent verbal skills, negotiation skills, and strong problem-solving abilities.


The Client Base of Maritime Lawyers

As a maritime lawyer, you will represent injured workers and ship owners in the litigation of personal injury, commercial and business tort claims. He also provides legal advice on matters on the operation of ships. The services maritime attorneys are required for ship collisions, oil spills, and piracy.


What is a Maritime Attorney; they are Highly Specialized 

A maritime lawyer is highly specialized; given that he deals with a specific area of the law. These lawyers can be found in private practice, public service, academia, or working for a shipping firm. They help their clients navigate several maritime issues such as admiralty, vessel construction, damages, and employment.