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Many people may not be familiar with maritime law. It may never have crossed your mind, but what happens when you experience some form of injury out on the water? There is in fact an entire field of legal study dedicated to solely handling maritime cases. Miami is a major location for maritime traveling, and being near the area Irwin Law Firm has seen plenty of these cases. When you are faced with a maritime legal dilemma, no matter if it’s a personal injury claim, a family matter, or a criminal charge, you can trust the knowledge, integrity, and skill of Irwin Law Firm. At Irwin Law Firm, our attorneys possess wide-ranging maritime legal experience and rave reviews. As one of the top maritime law firms, Irwin Law Firm is dedicated to providing our clients with compassionate, honest, and in-depth maritime legal representation. Call Irwin Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale today for a consultation with our cruise ship lawyers!


Irwin Law Firm Handles Your Maritime Case


If you have been injured on the water, you will require an attorney that specializes in maritime law. Luckily, if such a situation does occur to you, a maritime attorney should be able to assist you depending on your circumstances. Irwin Law Firm is located right in the downtown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Fort Lauderdale is known for being the Yachting Capital of the World, and Irwin Law Firm provides some of the top cruise ship lawyers in the area to protect your legal rights while on the water. Irwin Law Firm is a full-service practice that provides personalized service in maritime and commercial litigation, yacht transactions (both domestic and foreign), personal injury litigation, contracts for new vessel construction, purchase and charter, and dispute resolutions. Irwin Law Firm has a wide range of experience in areas of practice such as:

  • Admiralty and Maritime Law
  • Cruise ship accidents
  • Transactional law- buying and selling
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Contract for the construction of vessel
  • Yacht transactions
  • Foreign and domestic ownership
  • Personal injury litigation
  • Jones act
  • General contract drafting
  • Opinion letters for banks
  • Civil appeals
  • Civil litigation defense


We Are One Of The Top Maritime Law Firms


David E. Irwin, Esq. is a native of South Florida who has been working in the local marine industry for over twenty-five years. David practices litigation in commercial and personal injury cases along with being a transactional attorney with expertise in drafting contracts and agreements. Many clients include manufacturers, dealers, banks, brokers, vessel owners, crew members, buyers, sellers, marine repair and maintenance companies, individuals and corporate entities. As a member of the Florida Bar, David practices law in Florida state Courts, along with the Southern, Middle, and Northern Districts the United States District Courts of Florida. With a wide range of experience, Irwin Law Firm is dedicated to providing our clients with an attorney who will work zealously in order to get you the best possible outcome. 


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Irwin Law Firm is one of the top maritime law firms in the Miami area. If you are looking for top cruise ship lawyers to handle your maritime case, call Irwin Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale today!