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Fort Lauderdale is the boating capital of the world; the marinas in the city are packed with boats and yachts of all sizes. With so many boats in the area, accidents are bound to occur, causing you or your loved one’s injuries. If you happen to face any unfortunate event like an injury during a boating accident, Irwin Law Firm will be there to assist you. The company has a wide range of experience in dealing with maritime security issues including claiming compensation for injuries and damage to the yachts.


Maritime Security and Safety Guidelines to Avoid a Serious Injury


Florida is a paradise for boating because perfect water and sunshine all year round makes it the perfect spot for boating. Unfortunately, many of these boating trips result in accidents leading to injuries. Here are some top tips for avoiding injury during your trip.


Refrain from Alcohol Before Taking the Yacht Out


While taking the yacht onto open water you have to be careful and alert all the time, which means that the one who would drive the boat should not consume alcohol. Unfortunately, you will not have control over other owners in boats. You have to be alert and responsible to prevent other parties from being negligent. When you are under the influence of alcohol during a marine accident contact your maritime attorney for further assistance.


Check Your Yacht for Problems


Before going on a major yacht trip in open seas ensure that, a professional inspects your yacht. Taking the yacht without an inspection could mean that you could be risking an engine failure, damage to the hull that could lead to sinking, running aground if the equipment is faulty, and many other threats that lead to a serious injury. Some of these accidents can be fatal if you are not careful.


Include Life Jackets and Safety Equipment


An experienced maritime attorney would suggest you wear a life jacket and double check your vessel for safety equipment like fire extinguishers, flares, emergency medical kits, blankets, electrical and manual water pumps, sealing tools, and a working rescue platform. Life jackets can save lives and help you and the passengers to avoid grave injuries during your trip. Some of the most common accidents on a yacht are slipping, tumbling and going overboard due to the wet floor and being hit by losing windows, doors, and other equipment. Life jackets and other safety equipment is necessary if unfortunately your yacht runs off course or breaks down in rough waters.


Keep the Yacht Clean and Tidy

An untidy vessel on open waters is an invitation for injuries as suggested by a maritime attorney. If the vessel floor is littered with beer cans, food boxes, and other junk lying around. During bad weather and rough waters, the untidy yacht could cause serious injuries to the passengers and crew. If there were an emergency, such a yacht would be hard to evacuate with all the junk lying around.


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