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Are you planning on embarking on a journey into the ocean? Well, here at Irwin Law Firm, we have maritime lawyers in Florida, and our maritime attorney provides tips and advice on how to navigate the ocean safely and how to prevent accidents as well. We understand that many people feel safer than ever navigating across the ocean because of technology and memory in general. However, more often than not, we have witnessed many people face troubles out at sea and get into accidents like the Titanic. Even if you think you have a grip on things and have never gotten into a serious accident on your boat, it’s essential to take the information we provide seriously so you can learn how to navigate to see more than ever and how not to make the common mistakes we tell you about. It’s our job to fully inform people about the dangers they might face at sea and how they can prevent them from happening. Take our advice because we are the best in Miami!


Tips From Maritime Lawyers In Florida

You are probably wondering what tips our maritime attorney provides regarding how to be safer than ever at sea and how to avoid navigation arrows. First, make sure that the rubber angle is adjusted properly. This might seem like a silly tip because many captains think that they have this under control, but it’s important to double-check because you never know when the rubber might be at the wrong angle. Second, check-in frequently on reporting’s of shift traffic. This can save you from collisions and traffic in general out at sea. Third, it’s important to understand who has the right of way on the ocean. This has to do with regulations in general but make sure you are paying attention to the size of the ships you might come in contact with and who has the right of way. Fourth, make sure that you are verifying your radar targets well. It’s important that ships out at sea trust each other and interpret targets and communication signals well. Fifth, make sure that you do not depend too much on the radar. Some of the most common problems out at sea occur because of one boat that is much bigger than the other.


Better Safe Than Sorry 

Our maritime attorney wants you to have as much information as possible when it comes to navigation errors. One of the main reasons that captains get into trouble in the ocean is because they think that they have a grip on their ship when, in reality, they might be missing out on our crucial advice.


We Are Professionals 

You can trust us with the advice that we give because we want you to be as safe as you possibly can out at sea. We hope that you gain insight from the advice that we provide to Captains because they can truly make all of the difference when you’re in your ship. Using our advice will make you feel confident in your navigation skills at all times.


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Irwin Law Firm are professionals who want you to be safe when you are on your ship. Our maritime lawyers in Florida have a lot of experience and knowledge regarding navigation errors, and we want you to know it all! So call or visit us today in Miami for more information.