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Accidents and injuries are an unfortunate part of many jobs, and workers on offshore oil rigs, platforms, jack-up rigs, and the vessels that service these workplaces, are often at high risk for serious injuries. Many of these injuries are the result of the hazardous nature of their workplace, but certain injuries are caused by negligence. The same is also true for maritime workers on inland waterways, no matter if they’re members of the crew of a push boat or tub, or a crane barge in a midstream transfer operation. Irwin Law Firm is a top maritime injury law firm who assists workers injured in the entire Gulf Coast region, for both offshore injuries as well as all other types of maritime injuries. As one of the top maritime lawyers in Florida, Irwin Law Firm has seen many types of offshore accidents and maritime accidents that can cause workers serious harm. Read on to learn more about offshore accidents from a top maritime lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. If you’re looking for a boat accident lawyer in the Miami area, call Irwin Law Firm today!


Common Types of Offshore & Maritime Accidents 

  • Barge and tugboat accidents- At any given moment, hundreds of giant cargo laden barges are floating up and down the Mississippi River and its tributaries, along with other interior waterways in the United States. These barges are a vital part of our country’s economy, and transport goods between our nation’s heartlands and coastal ports. However, accidents happen and if you have been injured on a barge or a tugboat due to negligence, it’s important to seek legal counsel.
  • Equipment failure and malfunction- A lot of offshore injuries and  maritime accidents are due to faulty or insufficient equipment. When equipment is maintained improperly or isn’t appropriate for the job at hand, it can lead to  serious injuries for the workers who are operating the equipment as well as those working around it. Design and manufacturing defects can also cause mechanical failures. As an employer it is your responsibility to provide safe and appropriate equipment that is in proper working order. If your employer failed to provide the proper equipment, then they are responsible for your injuries.
  • Fire and explosion- Workers on offshore rigs, platforms, and vessels on inland tugs and barges and continuously surrounded by materials that are combustible. Explosions and/or fires are able to occur when ventilation systems stop working, when fuel is stored improperly, when vessels collide or strike underwater objects, and many other types of circumstances. 


We Are One Of The Top Maritime Lawyers In Florida

  • Falling objects- One of the most common injuries in the maritime world, notes boat accident lawyer Irwin Law Firm, is being struck by a falling or flying object; especially on oil rigs, drill ships, crane barges, and any multi-level vessel, most of which are by necessity. Heavy machinery and support structures that break loose or are not secured correctly also have the potential to injure anybody who is on the deck. 
  • Slip and fall- Ship decks and oil rigs can be difficult places to work, especially when the weather is bad. Wet surfaces can cause workers to slip and fall, suffering serious injury. Falls due to corroded walkways, loose welds on stairways, and falls from ladders or ledges without handrails are also common. 
  • Chemical exposure- Contact with hazardous materials can cause serious, long-term damage to workers. This can be caused by a lack of safety measures and sufficient protective gear.
  • Weather Exposure- Injuries due to exposure to severe weather can be particularly hazardous, especially if a worker falls overboard into water with extremely low temperatures.


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