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Maritime Lawyers In Florida can get very complicated, especially if you are not sure exactly what it entails. The professionals at Irwin Law Firm are here to make sure you know where this law applies. Does it work in lakes and rivers? We are the legal team Miami can trust! Come visit our maritime attorney and see for yourself. 


Jones Law

The Jones Act allows any seaman who is hurt or killed on the job to sue their employer for their injury-related costs either in state or federal court. This federal legislation also allows injured maritime workers to request a jury trial to decide their case.


Maritime Lawyers In Florida

The Supreme Court determined that a waterway is navigable if it is subject to the ebb and flow of the tide, has the navigable capacity, and connects to continuous interstate and/or international waterways. Consider The Great Lakes, for instance, are navigable: they cross borders between states and between the US and Canada and can support trade. What is maritime law for rivers? The distinction is a bit different. As with lakes, these bodies must be able to support trade. But rivers that do not cross state or country borders may be considered navigable if they are attached to a body of water that does and that can be used for interstate or international trade. When an incident occurs, jurisdiction can be difficult to determine. In this case, some lakes are considered navigable (this is up to individual courts to decide). It is likely, though, that cases involving a boat accident will be heard in both federal and state courts.


 This underscores the complexity of maritime laws and regulations: the courts must decide if waters are navigable as well as determine jurisdictional lines. It is not always clear-cut. Maritime laws differ dramatically than those that govern land-based activities. One such difference is that in federal court, there is no right to a jury trial, the exception being if a seaman files claim against an employer. When you are injured or aggrieved on the water, it can be confusing – particularly if it is on a river or lake. What set of laws will apply? In which court will the case be heard? Where do you turn? This is where we come in. This is our specialty, and we are here to ensure you get the representation that you deserve. 




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Handing information on a personal injury lawsuit can get very confusing and overwhelming. This is why you should leave it to our professionals to handle all of it. We are your best resource when it comes to maritime law and Maritime Lawyers In Florida. At Irwin Law Firm, we are experts. You can trust our cruise ship lawyers. Get a chance to meet the best maritime attorney in the state! Call or visit us today to get more information. We are located in Miami and can be reached at our office number (954) 775-2301. We are the boat accident lawyer you can trust.