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Were you recently injured while on vacation on a cruise ship? Did your tropical paradise suddenly turn into the most stressful inconvenience? If this happened to you, the cruise ship lawyers at Irwin Law Firm want to make sure you have all the information you need to get the settlement you deserve. When it comes to a maritime lawyer Fort Lauderdale can trust, we are the ones to turn to.


Accidents Can Happen Anywhere, Even Cruise Ships

Cruise ship injuries certainly occur in traumatic accidents involving ships, but those kinds of accidents are rare. Instead, most cruise ship injuries occur because of smaller accidents, poor security, or lack of medical attention onboard. In many cases, the company responsible for your injuries can be taken to court and held financially liable for the injuries they caused. There are no good statistics available on what the average settlement for a cruise ship injury is, but our cruise ship lawyers explain some of the factors that affect how much your cruise ship injury case might be worth.


Our Maritime Lawyer Fort Lauderdale Will Get You Money!

In most injury cases, you can claim many areas of damages as part of your personal injury lawsuit. After a maritime accident, the responsible party could be ordered by a court to pay for any number of financial and physical harms that stem from the negligence that caused the accident.  That means that many harms that you might not think to consider could be included as damages in your injury case.


Many injuries sustained in a cruise ship accident require medical treatment. Especially if your injury was made worse by the cruise ship’s inability to provide you with adequate medical attention, your injuries or conditions could be severe by the time a doctor treats you.  Damages for medical bills can include obvious expenses, such as surgery, hospital visits, and follow-up appointments. However, these damages could also include less obvious damages such as X-Rays and MRIs, medical transportation costs, the cost of medical devices like wheelchairs and crutches, and rehabilitation and physical therapy.


If you received negligent medical care, either onboard the cruise ship or back on land, you could also receive damages for those harms from the cruise ship.  Were it not for the cruise ship’s negligence, you would never have needed the surgical or medical procedures that were performed negligently. Ultimately, you may need to prove the doctor’s medical negligence as part of your case, but the cruise liner could actually be the one required to pay the damages.


There may also be direct damages for your pain and suffering.  Especially if you suffered injuries as the victim of a crime or were subjected to a long wait before getting adequate medical attention, you may have suffered greatly for your injuries.  “Pain and suffering” damages are meant to help compensate you directly for the physical pain and mental suffering you faced because of the accident.


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