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It is very important to follow maritime law. When you are out on the water you must become familiar with all the rules and regulations. At Irwin Law Firm, we are here to make sure you have all the information you need in order to stay protected. Our maritime lawyer is here for you. We have the best boat accident lawyer in all of Fort Lauderdale.


What Is Maritime Law?

Maritime law is the collection of laws and agreements that govern behavior and activities on the seas. The area of law governs how people interact and do business on the waters of the world. Also called admiralty law, maritime law primarily governs activities on international waters. However, there are also laws that apply to the waters in and near each country.


Generally, each country applies its own laws to inland waters like lakes and rivers.

When most Americans board a cruise ship, they’re blissfully unaware of the maritime law that applies to their case. However, maritime law affects everyone who travels on the high seas. Maritime laws regulate a wide variety of activities and possible events including commerce, navigation, lost cargo, leisure travel and the interaction between employers and seamen.


There are several rules and principles that apply to activities on the high seas:

  • Maintenance and cure
  • Duties to passengers
  • Liens and mortgages
  • Salvage and treasure
  • Lifesaving on the high seas


Leave It To The Maritime Lawyer

Maritime law is a collection of international agreements and domestic laws. Many domestic laws codify and give domestic enforcement power to international agreements. In the United States, Maritime law is mostly federal law.


Sometimes, things like personal injury cases that occur on the seas might go to a state court. However, laws that specifically address maritime issues and activities are federal laws. Even when a case goes to a state court, federal law typically applies. A lot of modern, codified maritime law comes from British principles of common law.


Maritime lawyers make the seas safer. They hold wrongdoers accountable. They help people get the compensation that they deserve when there’s a breach of contract, unpaid wages or a personal injury on the seas.


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