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Going on a cruise is one of the most enjoyable leisure activities anyone could aspire to do to hit the refresh button and disconnect from everyday life in a fun and adventurous way. For many tourists, the chance of traveling on a cruise adds more value than a regular trip ever could. It features multiple exotic destinations, fantastic food options, premium onboard entertainment, and luxurious accommodation premises all paid for through a single booking package. Now, what happens when you’re prepared to have the time of your life and a global pandemic spreads aboard? Is the cruise line liable? Our maritime attorney is answering these urgent questions. We’re Irwin Law Firm. A legal practice specialized in maritime law that successfully advocates for the residents of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.     


Cruise Ships and COVID-19. What Did Happen?

The semi-enclosed environment and largely crowded spaces of cruise ships were an ideal broth for the spread of coronavirus aboard. 


The situation worsened when cruise lines disregarded the safety protocols instructed by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, and other U.S. health authorities and competent institutions involved in the pandemic’s control.


The negligent performance of cruise lines that contributed to the virus outbreak include:

  • Boarding new passengers after having confirmation of at least an onboard COVID-19 infection.
  • Failure to secure full isolation of those infected. 
  • Proceeding to let off-board infected passengers or crew members without issuing any type of notification, helpful to control the disease’s spread.


If you were on a cruise amid the coronavirus outbreak and ended up suffering from damages, ranging from illness to emotional distress, due to mishandlings of the cruise line, you have the right to sue and request financial compensation for the injuries sustained. 


How Can Maritime Law Protect You from the Negligence of Cruise Lines?

Hiring a maritime attorney is the best resource to win a case against the wrongful actions related to coronavirus committed by cruise lines.


The lawyer will review your claims and build the case to file a class-action lawsuit addressed in court to earn the remuneration you’re entitled to for the medical expenses and emotional trauma experienced. 


Act quickly and hire an experienced attorney! 


Get Financial Compensation for the Damages 

In Miami, you can count on Irwin Law Firm to represent you and earn you the monetary reimbursement you deserved for every damage caused by the negligent actions of the cruise line.


As a legal practice, we’ve been working in the maritime industry for more than two decades, gaining the respect of the community for transparent first-class client service and aggressive litigation methods secured to win or settle cases successfully.   


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