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Growing up in a city like Miami opens up many opportunities to pursue water sports and recreational activities. Regardless of the experience level, the practice of aquatic activities increases the exposure to accidents in the open sea. For that very reason, we’d like to offer you valuable preventional tips to minimize them and avoid the services of maritime law firms. As a specialized admiral law practice, at Irwin Law Firm, we’re incredibly aware of how tragic maritime injuries can get. So, we decided to take time and ask our expert cruise ship lawyers what types of accidents are prone to occur while at sea and the best safety measures to prevent them. Please, read below to learn about this useful information. 


What Kind of Accidents Can You Be Exposed to? Can a Maritime Law Attorney Help You?

Boating is a uniquely relaxing leisure. The feeling of being covered by the cool breeze while enjoying the view of the horizon as the boat sails to the cradling movement of the waves is truly idyllic. Sadly, at any minute, something could go wrong and turn the paradisiac journey into a nightmare.


The most common causes of accidents while at sea are:

  • Drastic weather changes. 
  • Trips and falls.
  • Collisions.
  • Deck and dock accidents.
  • Diving accidents.
  • Sudden fire and explosion.
  • Motorboat equipment malfunction.


If you ever find yourself involved in a similar scenario, you should contact a specialist in maritime law. Only an attorney with expertise in this legal branch can help you go through a litigation process that protects your interests and earns the remuneration you deserve for the traumatic experience. In Miami, Irwin Law Firm is the best maritime law practice that can service your case. 


Follow these Boat Safety Tips to Avoid Needing Maritime Law Firms 

These are the three essential tips that cruise ship lawyers recommend to minimize accidents and avoid costly legal fees:

  • Comply with safety regulations. Before sailing starts, go through the safety protocols to follow in case of an emergency. Secure everyone’s wearing a life jacket during the trip.
  • Check the weather forecast in advance. Don’t let stormy conditions surprise you in the open sea. 
  • Run a full check before departing. List the people onboard, have emergency numbers, ensure the ship’s mechanisms and radio contact are fine and safe to work for the entirety of the trip. Gather the onboard the navigational aids and supplies needed to complete the journey.
  • Secure another crew member can drive the boat. Someone else should be able to take over if the main driver falls injured or sick.


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