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There is nothing like spending the day on the open water with your family and friends. However, many boaters overlook the dangers that the open water presents because there aren’t obvious obstacles like busy streets, traffic, or pedestrians walking around. There aren’t dangerous intersections or stop signs that are missed, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a chance that an accident won’t happen. Accidents can occur anywhere there is more than one vehicle, which is why it’s critical to speak with the maritime attorney Miami locals trust about the risks of driving a boat. According to a boat accident lawyer at Irwin Law Firm near Miami, boating accidents tend to gain more attention than any other type because they are out of the ordinary and unexpected. If you own a boat or are thinking about purchasing one, it’s a smart idea to speak with someone who can help you better understand the dangers of the water, including the common causes of boat accidents.


The Top Causes of Boating Accidents According to the Maritime Attorney Miami Boaters Trust

After speaking with a boat accident lawyer, you’ll begin to see that boating crashes actually happen the same way automobile accidents happen! Below are some of the common causes of accidents out on the water. 

  • Not paying attention: At times, there isn’t much to see or look at while driving a boat, so it’s easy to become distracted by passengers or stop paying close attention. This is the top cause of boating accidents since objects can suddenly appear, and weather can change drastically and quickly. When driving a boat, you need to make sure that you are constantly paying attention to your surroundings since the sea can be extremely unpredictable. 
  • Not having a lookout: It may seem silly to most people, but if you’re driving a boat, you should really have a passenger on board who is the designated lookout — someone who is able to warn you if threats, hazards, or dangerous conditions suddenly arise. 
  • Inexperience: It’s exciting when you’re a new boater and get your first boat, but according to the United States Coast Guard, the third most common cause of accidents on the water is operator inexperience. It’s crucial to note that driving a boat is not like driving a car, so it’s imperative that you don’t take on more than you can handle!
  • Excessive speed: Just like with car accidents, excessive speeds can be deadly. It is important that you operate your boat at a safe speed, so you are able to react to threats quickly. Going too fast will prohibit you from being able to see oncoming dangers. 
  • Impaired judgment: The use of alcohol and drugs is a significant factor in boating accidents, and in some states, the legal limit is the same for boats as it is for cars. Making sure your judgment isn’t impaired is extremely important when operating a boat. 
  • Equipment failure: The same way you get your car engine checked for issues, you should be getting your boat inspected as well. Proper maintenance is essential to making sure you and your passengers remain safe during a boating expedition. 
  • Violating the rules of the water: There are common “road” rules on the water, the same way there are ones when driving on land. Violating any of those navigational rules can be dangerous and can result in a collision with another vessel. 


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