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Irwin Law Firm offers maritime attorney Miami, FL for Transactional practice and litigation services. David E. Irwin has been working in the local marine industry for about 25 years and has expertise in many practices to help clients with their legal troubles. We are here for you, let us win this case and get the answers you need!

Some lawyers help bring people together, others help break them apart- that’s the best way to describe transactional practice Vs Litigation lawyers.


Transactional Practice  

This involves researching, preparing, and reviewing the documents that brings the individuals and companies together. The focus of transactional practice is money, business and commerce.  Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and laws also falls under this heading. Maritime attorney Miami, FL engaging in transactional practice will most likely never see the inside of a courtroom. They focus on research, drafting paperwork, negotiating and advising clients in the right direction of a positive outcome for their case. Transactional practice can be a complicated manner, let a professional help and uncomplicate things. You will feel much better when you understand your case and have an attorney on your side.


Litigation Lawyers

General commercial litigation involves every type of dispute that can arise in the business context, including breach of contract cases, partnership/joint venture disputes, class actions, business torts, civil RICO claims, breach of fiduciary duty allegations, and shareholder issues. Such litigators need to be able to assess the dispute and scale either a prosecution defense that fits the legal and business needs of the client. Efficiency, creativity, and judgement are important for these cases to find the best outcome and to fully understand the case. Understanding the motivations and weak points of each litigation in question can help persuade the audience in question. Know your case, who you are working with, and let Irwin Law Firm help you build a case to win against whoever is trying to take you down. Get what you deserve!


Do not wait! Get a lawyer before it’s too late.

We are here to help and can pick out the details of your case that will get you the answers you deserve. Your case can get complicated, and having a maritime attorney by your side, makes the whole process run smooth and quicker to finding a solution. Let Irwin Law Firm help you. You can never be sure what is going to happen in the courtroom, even the best laid plans go wrong. Lawyers can think on their feet and say things without thinking when they need a comeback. It is best to have someone on your side. Working with Irwin Law Firm our maritime attorney Miami, FL can offer the best rates and legal advice in your area.


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