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Because maritime catastrophes are frequently unpredictable and, tragically, common as a result of operating heavy gear in difficult conditions, the need for a  maritime attorney in Miami is unavoidable.

Even cruise ship guests may suffer an unexpected serious injury. Generally, maritime workers are not covered under state worker’s compensation legislation. However, individuals are protected by several federal statutes and legislation that ensure they obtain adequate treatment and compensation in the tragic event of a bodily injury.

Maritime law firms in Miami, such as Irwin Law Firm can assist you in determining the nature of your prospective lawsuit and the obligations for your employers in the event of an accident.

A Miami maritime lawyer knows how to navigate their clients through the turbulent waters of a maritime catastrophe claim and reassure them that they are battling tirelessly on their side.


What Is Maritime Law?

Maritime law refers to admiralty law, which is a subset of the law that controls a broad range of maritime issues and potential maritime disputes.

Simply said, maritime law is concerned with legal issues in our seas, oceans, and other open bodies of water.

These legal issues might range from norms governing the operation of private maritime firms to the investigating and prosecuting of maritime offenses.

Due to the broad scope of maritime law, some Miami maritime attorneys reserve the phrases ‘admiralty law’ or ‘wet law’ for things that are entirely nautical in nature, such as ship crashes, and maritime law for land-based but nautically linked topics, such as marine insurance.


What To Do After A Maritime Accident?

Operating in the maritime business continuously exposes you to danger.

Injuries can occur as a result of your employer’s or co-worker’s actions or inactions, but they can also occur as a result of random accidents.

Regardless of the nature of the accident, consulting with a Miami Maritime attorney is a good idea.

Even if you believe the injury is small, it is prudent to document it and get medical advice in case it will not heal properly or result in more injuries.

While your company may recommend a physician, you are always free to consult an independent physician of your choice, and most companies should also ensure they have the best Maritime law firms in Miami such as the Irwin Law Practice working for them.


What Should You Do Next?

After documenting your injuries, you should notify your line manager and company about the occurrence and your personal injury. As quickly as possible, you should write a report on what occurred. Make no reliance on your employer or members of the crew to assist you with this.

Additionally, without your Miami maritime lawyer do not endorse any report that you have not approved or written. You should immediately gather as much information as possible regarding the accident or injuries. This may include photographs of the region in which the incident occurred as well as the machinery used.

Additionally, you should attempt to obtain the contact information of anyone who observed the accident or was directly engaged in your injury.


When Should Compensation And Return To Work Occur?

Accept no payment or resume work until you are well and confident in your medical treatment.

Even if you do not anticipate any problems, you should call a Miami maritime attorney for a free consultation to verify you are indeed being treated fairly, learn how to file a claim, and determine whether you have a case.

If you return to work prematurely or sign settlement contracts without the assistance of a Miami maritime lawyer, you risk complicating matters if further difficulties surface in your case.

Accidents and injuries on the high seas are a tough period for those involved and their families.

With our knowledge and understanding, Irwin Law Firm can assist you in navigating the arduous procedure of marine accident compensation, ensuring that you are taken good care of and fairly rewarded.


Why Do I Need A Miami Maritime Lawyer?

Employers in the maritime industry and insurance firms employ teams of professional attorneys tasked with the exclusive responsibility of resolving your disputes most cost-effectively and expediently feasible.

This frequently entails asserting jurisdiction in distant nations, thereby limiting your compensation. Without the assistance of a Miami maritime lawyer, firms will seek to overwhelm you with their extensive knowledge, personnel, and resources to rapidly resolve your case.

This typically results in a decision that drastically undervalues or altogether dismisses your claim. Maritime law firms Miami can guarantee that firms respond appropriately to your claims or face a lawsuit in court. The Miami maritime attorney will significantly alleviate the load and stress associated with your claim by guiding you through each stage with experience and assurance.

Irwin Law Firm, with their years of experience, will also provide you with a free professional opinion on your claim. With their expertise in admiralty law, they can assist you in determining the value of your case and obtaining the recompense you deserve.


Why Should You Hire Irwin Law Firm?

The Irwin Law Firm has represented passengers and crew members worldwide. David E. Irwin, Esq., a Miami maritime lawyer, has represented cruise ship crew members and passengers for over twenty-five years.

The wonderful city of Miami provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to participate in the rapidly increasing maritime sector.

Because Miami serves as an entry point to our oceans and the world, we serve a diversified and international clientele.

Banks, Manufacturers, dealers, vessel owners, brokers, buyers, sellers, crew members, marine repair and maintenance businesses, as well as corporate entities and individuals, are among our clients.

David graduated with a Bachelor of Science in economics from Florida State University and a law degree from the Shepard Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern University.


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