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There have been many commercial fishing accidents in recent years especially here in the United States. Commercial fishing can be a very dangerous activity that often can result in hazardous events and injuries. Commercial fishermen have a high fatality rate and need to be very careful working on the job. Fishing safety is very important and needs to continue to be addressed to make commercial fishing a much safer area of work. Fishermen often fall overboard, are injured using heavy machinery on board, or are involved in marine disasters. Large portions of the marine accidents here in the United States are involving commercial fishing boats. Within a span of around 4 months in 2018, there were 15 accidents involving commercial fishing boats. Commercial fishing boats often have engine room fires that are caused by mechanical issues. Mechanical failures have caused fires and explosions on commercial boats which have injured hundreds of people. When explosions and fires happen on fishing boats the passengers often resort to trying to put the fire out until they are forced to jump off-board after doing everything possible to ask for help. Many commercial boats have large diesel engines that are highly combustible and can be dangerous. Owners of commercial fishing boats owe the passengers a duty-of-care. The mechanical engines and equipment need to be inspected to ensure they’re all in working order. You need to have a staff that is properly trained and can work together to accomplish tasks on your commercial fishing vessel. Having a cleanup crew is also very important. Fishing boats often have spills and hazards that need to be cleaned up to avoid potential injuries on the boat. If boat owners cannot provide employees with a safe, and reasonable place to work then they will be held liable for any injuries that happen on board to the crew. Boat owners need to be prepared and avoid potential hazards on their boat. 

Maritime Accidents


Seamen that are injured on the job in a maritime accident usually are entitled to compensation for injuries they face on the job. If a seaman is killed on the Job, under The Jones Act his or her family may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit for the damages. A maritime attorney can help you if you feel like you were injured due to the negligent behavior of your maritime employer that was not acting responsibly. A maritime accident attorney can even help you receive a settlement from your insurance company if one of your family members or a  loved one was killed on the job. Irwin Law Firm in Fort, Lauderdale, Florida was founded on a dedication to helping clients get the compensation that they deserve under maritime law. If you are seeking legal counsel in the realm of maritime law, it is essential to seek experienced legal counsel in order to receive your full compensation. Irwin law firm can help you with marine personal injuries, cruise ship accidents, and Maritime law.