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If you work on a boat or ship, you need the help of an expert maritime accident lawyer. While no one prays to be involved in any form of accident on the sea, it is sometimes inevitable. As such, expert lawyers can help you receive the right compensation if you get involved in an unexpected accident while working. Their advice can also help seamen make the right preparation for dealing with burn accidents at sea.  


If you wish to work with expert lawyers, then you should consider working with us at Irwin Law Firm. We are a team of expert boat accident lawyers in Miami. Our goal is to help you enjoy a seamless and safe travel experience on the sea. Below are some of the things we explain about experiencing a burn accident at sea. 


Maritime accident lawyer explains the causes of a burn accident

A maritime accident lawyer is an expert lawyer that understands everything relating to accidents on the sea. According to these experts, several things can lead to fire or burn accidents on the sea. 


When trying to turn the engine room on, a seaman can experience a burn accident. Oil leak on the ship or boat is another major cause of most burn accidents on the sea. The ship may be carrying concentrated acid, or one can be mistakenly exposed to extremely hot steam. These can result in serious burns. 


What are the first aid options available?

It is best to understand the essential first aid options available when you suffer burns at sea. According to boat accident lawyers, when you experience a burn, the first step is to carefully clean the surface of the injury under cool water. It is best to use running water, as this will prevent issues of touching the surface.


After washing, you should then allow the surface to dry off on its own. When dried, apply also Vera gel, moisturizer, or lotion to the surface of the injury. Endeavor to apply a bandage to the surface of the injury.


You should then check if there are medical experts on board. If yes, you can seek further help from these experts. This will prevent the surface from becoming infected.


Examining the severity of the burn

On your own, it will be hard to detect the seriousness of the burn. Only with the help of experts can you identify the severity. Sadly, most of these injuries won’t show any sign for the first few days. They can quickly become deadly if not well monitored.


  • Minor burns

They are burns that mainly affect the outer cover of the skin.


  • Second-degree burns

The effect can result in pain, swelling, and blistering.


  • Third-degree burns

The burn affects both the internal and external parts of the skin. This can result in a blackening of the skin and can affect internal organs in the body.


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