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If you are looking to sell your vessel, then you probably want to consider speaking with a marine lawyer. Believe it or not, there are stipulations that you need to know before selling off your boat to the next owner that requires more than just paperwork and a signature. Cruise ship lawyers at Irwin Law Firm frequently work with investors and sellers who are looking to sell or buy yachts and other large vessels. Whether you are buying or selling, a lawyer will be a useful advocate to have buy your side. They will not only protect your budget requirements, but your interests as a whole. Our dedicated yacht lawyers have more than enough experience with our frequent clients in Miami, Florida. Give us a call today so we can determine the best tactic for purchasing (or selling) your vessel.

Here are a few other ways in which our lawyers can aid you in your transaction:

They will help you find vessel financing.

If you are looking to purchase a vessel, you may require financing. The best way to insure you are maintain the best interest is to talk with one of our cruise ship lawyers. The size of your purchase will play a factor into your financing agreement and the type of lender you go with. Our lawyers will help you determine which type of financing works with your budget and they will instruct you on the proper paperwork guidelines so that the process glosses over smoothly. Standard commercial financing will depend on your credit history, the amount of your down payment on the boat, and the overall evaluation of the ship. This probably sounds like a familiar process if you are a homeowner. However, make sure you speak to a one of our lawyers so that they can point out the differences in these types of financing agreements.

A marine lawyer deals with price negotiations.

As a buyer or the seller, a lawyer will insure that a fair and accurate price is being made. Much like buying a home, there are a few steps that must be taken on both sides before deciding on a sale price for the vessel. This involves getting an appraisal of the vessel for its current conditions and gathering proper paperwork that documents any damages or errors the boat may contain. After these steps have been taken, your lawyer can help you determine that your listing price is fair or that you are getting the best bang for your buck. If your buyer isn’t fighting you on your listed price, your lawyer will be able to help you in these negotiations in order to explain your pricing without the aid of an agent. Likewise, they can help with negotiations if you are purchasing a boat or even a fleet that you feel may be priced beyond its value.

Assist in purchasing agreements.

Once pricing has been arranged, your marine lawyer will deal with purchasing agreements. This involves a slew of paperwork that ensures the sale is agreeable and does not contain any loopholes. They will go over sales and taxes for the transaction, discuss marine insurance, and instruct you on proper filing for U.S. customs and cruising permits. All of this must be agreed upon and arranged before the final sale.

Contact Irwin Law Firm’s cruise ship lawyers in Miami, Florida to help negotiate your next vessel transaction.