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Are you considering buying a boat very soon? If so, it is very important you cover every necessary step in order to ensure this is the best choice for you. Here at Irwin Law Firm, our team of experts is here for you. We specialize in maritime law. You can count on our maritime attorney to give you the legal expertise you need. We are available to individuals all across Fort Lauderdale. 


It’s Time to SELL

When buying or selling a boat, it is essential to hire the proper professionals to assist with each step of a complex vessel transaction, and also to understand the roles of each individual, which may include brokers, documentation agents, and maritime attorneys. Of course, whether an attorney is involved depends on the complexity of a transaction. Normally it isn’t necessary to hire an attorney for the purchase or sale of a bay boat; on the other hand, yachts and high-end sport-fishers are highly technical, expensive, and movable assets, which come with an array of tax and legal considerations. There is a place for every type of maritime professional in a complex transaction, and each provides significant value to a customer. However, buyers and sellers must be cautious when a non-attorney provides legal advice.


All About Our Maritime Law

Finding the right vessel or the “next” right vessel is hard work and takes time. Conducting due diligence in the purchase of a yacht can go a long way to avoid unnecessary burdens during ownership. Doing all your homework and taking the steps necessary to protect owners can pay off in the long run. There are a few vital points to consider before a purchase is consummated to ensure that the new boat will bring its owners years of pleasure, and avoid unnecessary predicaments.


Is the vessel you are considering really the right one? Always take the time to consider and honestly assess how the owners will use the boat. Often, buyers think that they will be having a large party of guests or family members, when in reality, those occasions may be quite rare.


David E. Irwin, Esq., a native of South Florida, has been working in the local marine industry for more than twenty-five years. David practices litigation in commercial and personal injury cases and is a transactional attorney with expertise in drafting contracts and agreements.


Clients include manufacturers, dealers, banks, brokers, vessel owners, crew members, buyers, sellers, marine repair and maintenance companies, individuals, and corporate entities. David earned a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from Florida State University and graduated cum laude from Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Broad Law Center.


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Ready to sail away on your new yacht? Sold on the idea of sunbathing on the deck with nothing but the sound of seagulls and ocean waves? Irwin Law Firm is a full-service maritime law practice that is able to provide you with a contract lawyer Miami able to walk you through the steps one-by-one until you’re sailing away from the maritime attorney in luxury. We are committed to seeing your future on the water as one that is happy, safe, and memorable for years to come. Do you still have questions? Contact us, or stop in our office near Miami in Ft. Lauderdale.