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Maritime law, sometimes known as Admiralty law, is an important niche commonly practiced in Florida and other states that border the coastline. Maritime, or admiralty, law is the law that governs the common waters. Cruise ship accidents, private boating accidents, or jet ski accidents that end up in personal injuries are able to invoke this area of the law. Lawsuits that are in this area of law often can be quite difficult to litigate, due to the fact that there is often a question as to the area of where the lawsuit should be filed. If an accident involved a boat or commercial streamliner that is registered in Florida, there are certain aspects of it can be quite different than how the legislation works nationally. One of the most essential components of a lawsuit is jurisdiction, or where the lawsuit should be filed and what court ends up having to address your concerns. For example, if you cause an accident in Georgia, but live in Florida, you still may face a lawsuit in the state of Georgia even though you do not live there. This is why you want to be informed about Florida maritime law as a resident of the sunshine state, especially if you regularly partake in boating activities or own a vessel yourself. If you’re looking for cruise ship lawyers near Miami, Irwin Law Firm are top maritime lawyers in the area. Contact Irwin Law Firm today for your maritime law queries!


Maritime Law And What It Covers


Maritime law, otherwise known as Admiralty law, is a category of law that covers agreements and mandatory regulations that every business or entity are required to adhere to if they are conducting activities located on or in the sea. It’s important to remember that every country has its own set of laws and agreements that fall under their own respective maritime laws. Even within a country, different coastal states may have differences in certain laws and agreements. This is why it’s important to be informed about various types of maritime law as a frequenter of maritime activities, and why it’s important to seek legal counsel when necessary from top cruise ship lawyers such as Irwin Law Firm. Any incident that ends up in personal injury due to activities on the sea fall under the umbrella of maritime law. If a personal is injured on a rental jet ski, for example, then they are entitled to file a maritime lawsuit against the rental company if the injury is proven to result from negligence. Moreover, any accidents that end up happening on a private boat or cruise ship also fall under maritime law, as maritime law also covers the mechanical failures of a boat, cruise ship,  jet ski, or any other water vessel that may end up in an accident or injury to any parties who participate in the activity.


Florida Maritime Law


There are certain things to keep in mind regarding maritime law in Florida. In Florida, the nature of any sustained injuries and compensation for these injuries are taken into consideration when a maritime lawsuit is filed, and you are also able to file a maritime lawsuit for the pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and medical costs due to sustained injuries. In Florida, compensation can be sought with maritime lawsuits for future medical expenses such as prescription medications, physical rehabilitation, and any necessary surgical procedures. In addition, property damage and disability claims can also be filed to the maritime case.


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There are certain things to keep in mind regarding Florida maritime law compared to the guidelines for the nation. Irwin Law Firm are top cruise ship lawyers near Miami. Contact Irwin Law Firm today for your maritime law needs!