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Of all of the unspeakable crimes that occur here on U.S. soil, there is one in particular that is, sadly, a common cruise ship crime. Assault and rape are the most documented crime that occurs on cruise ships. Cruise ship lawyers want you to know your rights if you are a victim of this crime, as well as the probability of this happening to you on your next vacation. Here at Irwin Law Firm near Miami, we have seen far too many of these cases. Here is a brief synopsis of the alarming statistics of these crimes, as well as what to do if you are a victim of assault or rape while on board a cruise ship. We give you tips on how to protect yourself ahead of time and what who to contact after the assault occurs.

Alarming Statistics


Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Carnival Corporation all began sharing their statistics of sexual assault crimes aboard their ships as of 2013. A U.S. Senate bill found it was important to display these numbers as a matter of public record and concern for anyone considering using these cruise ship services.  The Cruise Passenger Protection Act of 2013 came to be to improve passenger vessel security and safety. As of 2017, 62 out of 92 reported crimes were those that faced sexual assault. And many of these victims were under the age of eighteen.

Reporting this Cruise Ship Crime


To ensure the criminal is caught and obtained to prevent any further damage upon an individual, it is vital that you report this crime right away. Speak to the next cruise attendant you see (even if the crime was committed by a staff member). Then, go straight to the ship infirmary. They will provide you with security as well as documentation of the assault. You should also consider contacting the FBI and the United States Coast Guard if this crime happened while out at sea. The cruise line may advise that they will contact the FBI for you, but it is your right to deliver your experience first-hand to the proper authorities.


Protect Yourself Ahead of Time


Vacationers may not want to think about such vicious crimes occurring their tropical getaway, but knowing your rights ahead of time can help you seek justice if you happen to be a victim of this crime. Looking over your own medical insurance plan to see how you may be covered is recommended by our cruise ship lawyers. Some plan (particularly Medicare or Medicaid plans) do not offer insurance outside of the U.S. Additionally, you will want to know if your ships infirmary is available twenty-four hours a day and if then on-board doctor is licensed int eh U.S. You may not receive the extensive care or treatment on board a cruise ship as you would at a U.S. care facility. Ask your travel agent or lawyer what type of medical treatment can be expected on board a cruise ship.

If you want to know more about these cruise ship crimes, or you have been a victim of assault while on vacation, contact Irwin Law Firm near Miami to speak to one of our cruise ship lawyers to seek immediate action.