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If you are a passenger injured while aboard a cruise ship, then you may have the right to hold the cruise line responsible for your injuries. If you are injured on a cruise ship, it is essential for you to recover damages from the cruise line. It’s important to keep in mind that just because you were hurt or had an accident onboard does not necessarily mean that the cruise line was at fault or negligent. Negligence is the failure to act with reasonable care, meaning that you and your lawyer have to be able to prove that the cruise line failed to act with reasonable care, and that your injury is a result of the cruise line’s actions or inactions. In such a case, you may need the assistance of a cruise ship attorney. Irwin Law Firm provides the top cruise ship lawyers near Miami. Call Irwin Law Firm today for a consultation.


Negligence on a Cruise Ship


There are certain things to keep in mind when thinking about raising a personal injury case against a cruise line. There are many types of injuries that can occur on a cruise ship, and many of these involve a slip or trip and fall. There are different types of falls that are able to occur on a cruise ship, such as the following:

  • Falling down a staircase
  • Slipping and falling on a deck
  • Tripping over a threshold


Moreover, assaults or other intentional acts by crewmembers are also possibly under the umbrella of cruise ship negligence. Another type of accident is staircase liability. There are situations where people who fell down the stairs aren’t sure why they fell, and think it was only a mistake. However, staircases can be made unsafe in many different ways. Such factors include:

  • Water or some other foreign substance on the stairs
  • No handrails
  • Handrails which are poorly designed
  • Handrails curving away from the stairs at the bottom of the stairs
  • Risers (the height of each step) are the wrong height or are of varying heights
  • The steps are too shallow

If you have fallen down some stairs on a cruise ship and injured yourself due to these above factors, then you shouldn’t just assume that it was only an accident. Our cruise ship lawyers at Irwin Law Firm can assist in a case for injury compensation.


When You Need a Cruise Ship Attorney


If you slipped and fell on a ship’s deck, it also does not mean it was just a freak accident. The same goes for slipping over a threshold, as there are many thresholds in cruise ships which could be tripping hazards. Another unfortunate situation that could occur is if a crew member on a cruise assaults you physically or sexually. While assaults are technically intentional and not negligent, the cruise line is responsible for the conduct of its crew members. If you are assaulted by a crew member on a cruise ship, it is essential to immediately report it to the cruise ship and to the police.


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