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Here in South Florida, we are surrounded by water and have many opportunities to go boating. What’s more fun than taking your friends and family out on the water, or enjoying a serene cruise on your own? One of the biggest events of the year for boaters in South Florida is the Miami International Boat Show. After a cumulative 400,000 hours of planning, the 79th annual Miami International Boat Show will be shifting into high gear on February 13-17th, at the Miami Marine Stadium. As a top cruise ship attorney, Irwin Law Firm specializes in marine law- which means that we try to stay on top of everything about boats. Read on to learn more about the the Miami Boat Sale and how it can impact boat owners in the South Florida and Miami area. If you’re looking for a boat accident lawyer, call Irwin Law Firm at our Fort Lauderdale office today!


What To Know About The Miami Boat Sale


This year’s Miami Boat Sale is a five-day event that is projected to add $850 million back into the Florida economy while attracting over 100,000 people in attendance. This boat sale is where 1,000 marine businesses – hundreds of which have operations in SouthFlorida – are expected to hit around 60 million dollars in deals, as reported by the organizers. National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) VP of Southern Shows Larry K. Berryman has been working with the Miami show for the past 20 years, noted in an interview with South Florida Business Journal, “There were a lot of doubters when we were going to move… It exceeded everyone’s expectations.” This Miami boat show will have around 1,400 boats on display, and was relocated from Miami Beach to the Miami Marine Stadium on Virginia Key in 2016. This show has grown since in all areas, from its original number of boats in the marina (from 440 to 700) to its original number of seats in the dining area (from about 800 to 2,200). Everyone from boat enthusiasts scouting for their next mega yacht purchase to novices looking for a pleasant day under the sun and on the water in a marina full of state-of-the-art boats will find something exciting at the Miami International Boat Show!


A Top Cruise Ship Attorney 


Top boat accident lawyer Irwin Law Firm notes that this year, the show will have added dining options, a new entrance, and more ways to transport yourself to the show. NMMA is expecting to transport 25,000 people to the event in water taxis throughout Feb. 17. From the thousands of jobs it provides to the city, to the buyers coming to invest from  all over the world, the impact of this boat show is significant. The 2020 Miami International boat show is a huge event for boat owners all over the Florida area as well as all across the United States, which is why we at Irwin Law Firm are here to help you break it down. 


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