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Instead of flying to a tropical island, you might be considering going on a cruise the next time you travel for a vacation. Many people enjoy cruises because of all the excitement that comes with them. You can visit different islands, explore various places to shop and dine, swim, snorkel, and of course, enjoy your time on a luxurious ship. Aside from all of the fund that comes with cruises, certain injuries can occur. That is why here at Irwin Law Firm, we provide advice from a cruise ship attorney regarding common injuries that people experience during cruises. We also provide advice from a maritime attorney who handles nuances that other attorneys might not know about. Your safety is our number one priority, and we want to make sure that you know all there is to know if you get injured during a cruise. Depending on what type of injury you might get, there are certain actions that you can take to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Take our advice because we give the best in Miami!


Injuries A Cruise Ship Attorney Knows About

You are probably wondering what injuries people experience the most during cruises if you have never experienced one yourself. There are a handful of main injuries that attorneys for cruises and a maritime attorney are aware of. Falling on slippery decks of the ship is common because there is a lot of water around at all times on a cruise. Sometimes, parts of the ship are uneven and even contain thresholds, which people fall from a lot as well. Since there are restaurants and bars on deck, many injuries happen due to intoxicated people. There are many cases where the ship sails through aggressive water, which can cause fractures for people. Head injuries even occur from groundings and collisions as well. More injuries include dockings that are improper and people falling overboard in severe cases. There have even been amputations due to hatches and doors that suddenly swing. In addition, it’s more common than you think for people to eat bad food during a cruise which can make people ill. There have also been disturbing cases of sexual or physical assault on deck. 


What Your Rights Are

There are certain instances where accidents occur, and there is nothing your attorney for the cruise or your maritime attorney can do to help. However, there are some cases where you have the right to take action. Here are some of these cases: 

  • Poor care of the ship 
  • Negligence of dangerous areas of the ship 
  • Areas of the ship that are not fixed 
  • Members not doing their jobs properly 
  • Able to file a lawsuit within three years 

Your Safety Is Top Priority

We want you to have the time of your life when you are on a cruise. However, we also want you to be fully informed about the potential injuries that come with being on a cruise ship. Your safety is what we value most, which is why we provide advice from attorneys. It’s important for us that you know your rights and responsibilities. 


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Irwin Law Firm are professionals who want you to be prepared for anything. That is why we offer advice from a cruise ship attorney about common injuries during cruises. We want to make sure that you are as careful as possible and that you know your rights on deck. Call or visit us today in Miami for more information.