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When you’re in the ocean and have your boat or vessel involved in an accident maritime laws are applied. You need a cruise ship attorney in Florida to help you with your case since maritime laws are different from land-based laws. Irwin Law Firm is a maritime attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and can help you with your case.

Maritime law governs how ships and cargo are operated, who is responsible for accidents that occur at sea, and what compensation victims can obtain if they suffer injuries or death as a result of such an event. They can be complicated and sometimes difficult to understand, but they ensure that you and other injured parties receive appropriate compensation for your damages.

The following is a brief overview of maritime law in Florida:


When a Merchant Marine vessel or commercial fishing boat is involved in an accident or criminal activity, the Longshore and harbor workers Act can apply.

The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act provides workers’ compensation benefits for almost everyone involved in transportation operations at sea; this includes all people working on landside facilities located along harbors or other inland waterways leading into port areas where ships call regularly (e.g., piers).

If a person suffers an injury while working at these locations then their maritime lawyer can help them apply for compensation under this program, provided they meet certain requirements such as being over 18 years old at the time of the incident, occurring during regular work hours which may include weekends/holidays, etc.


Death on the High Seas Act

Florida has a law that gives families 3 years after the death of a loved one to bring a case. This act covers any death, including fatal aircraft crashes, that occur three or more nautical miles away from national shores.

Every cruise ship attorney should be well conversant with the Death on the High Seas Act. The law was enacted in 1920 but it was expanded in 1987 to include many deaths occurring anywhere in international waters. The act was created to ensure that families would have enough time to pursue justice for their loved ones before having to file lawsuits and go through lengthy court proceedings.


Maritime Action (U.S. Code 30106)

If you’ve been involved in a maritime accident, you may be wondering if there is any time limit to filing a lawsuit. While it’s not always easy to determine whether you have a case, there are a few things that your maritime lawyer can help narrow down the case type and help you understand whether or not the statute of limitations applies.

First, if the accident happened in the United States and was caused by another vessel (or its crew), then your case is considered a “maritime activity.” If so, then according to U.S. Code § 30106, any maritime action must be brought within three years of the accident unless otherwise specified. This provision is designed to encourage people to pursue claims against negligent parties and avoid the expense and delay of litigation

Maritime law is complex and ever-changing. If you have a maritime accident or another maritime issue, it’s important to get help from an experienced cruise ship attorney in Florida who knows how to navigate the waters of this complex area of law.

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