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If you are a foodie who enjoys exploring different food , you’ll find cruising on ships a lot of fun. A cruise is a perfect time to unwind with loved ones and enjoy comfort foods like pizza, buffets, snacks, among others. While you’re excited, having fun, and tasting every food, you never consider the possibility of food poisoning.

Instead, you are captivated by the moment and never thought of the food preparation. Food poisoning can dampen your vacation mood, making you rethink your vacation. Typically, it’s not easy seeking a refund from the cruise manager, but it’s made possible with the help of a Miami cruise ship accident attorney. Cruise ship accident attorneys work in the best interest of clients to seek compensation for their losses. Have you sustained a cruise ship injury? Trust Irwin Law Firm in Ft Lauderdale, Fl, to win your case.


Cruise Ship Accident Attorneys

Suppose you have suffered an injury or caught a disease while on a cruise ship; you could use some experienced legal help to obtain compensation for your medical bills. From slips and falls to disease outbreaks, several types of accidents can occur on a cruise ship. These accidents could maim the injured person for life. Filing claims against a cruise line can be pretty challenging. However, employing the services of a cruise ship accident attorney has proven to be effective in getting justice and compensation. Need an attorney to advocate for you in court? We’ve got the best cruise ship lawyers in Miami.


How Cruise Passengers May Contract Food-Borne Illnesses

People often associate cruise ships with gastrointestinal illnesses. While this is true, food-borne diseases are contracted from restaurants, diners, hospitals, etc. The means of transmission aren’t any different from the other. Buffets can be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria due to the serve-yourself setting. Salmonella, E Coli, and norovirus are microorganisms that thrive best in the buffet system. Ingesting foods contaminated by these pathogens can result in diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach upset, etc. Cruise passengers can contract the gastrointestinal disease through:

  • Unhygienic cooking utensils
  • Micro-organisms living on inanimate surfaces like decks, balconies, and rails
  • Spread of germs on buffet tables when passengers sneeze or cough

How To Prevent Food Poisoning On Cruise Ships

You can reduce your chances of contracting the food-borne disease on cruise ships by adopting the below-listed tips:

  • Practice Good Hand Hygiene: Wash hands regularly after using the toilet or touching any dirty surfaces. You can use hand sanitizer as well.
  • Avoid Raw And Undercooked Foods: Micro-organisms thrive best in raw and undercooked foods like sushi, carpaccio, and tartare. Therefore, as much as possible, avoid such meals.
  • Choose Full-service Dining Over Buffet: Except staff members or workers serve guests at buffet stations, choose full-service dining. This reduces transmission of germs to the barest minimum as there won’t be too many hands handling utensils.


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