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The cruise line industry was gutted by COVID-19, and some businesses tried to send boats out on the water to avoid tremendous losses. However, human life is more precious than net profit, and these cruise lines will eventually have to answer for the risk they exposed their passengers to. As soon as knowledge of the coronavirus hit, cruise lines had a responsibility to keep their passengers safe – even those that were at sea in the middle of March when lockdown measures were first enacted. If you were on a cruise ship during COVID-19, consult a cruise ship lawyer to find out if you’re entitled to compensation. The lawyers at Irwin Law Firm in Miami can help.


Is the Cruise Line Industry Liable?

Hours can be precious when a contamination is brought to light, and those are hours that could’ve saved lives. The cruise line may be liable for not locking down its passengers quick enough; they may also have known ahead of time that one of their passengers had the virus. Those cruise lines whose ships started sailing even when anti-COVID-19 measures were in full effect are more likely to be held liable. This kind of negligence possibly cost a handful of people their lives and more than probably exacerbated the spread of the virus.


A Cruise Ship Is A Breeding Ground For COVID-19

The enclosed environment of a cruise ship is the ideal space for the coronavirus to spread. It has been proven that a proximity of six feet or less in an indoor space is how the virus gets spread most of the time. This means that cruise ships who began a voyage without a rigorous testing or screening process were putting their passengers at risk. Likewise, a cruise ship that did not undertake as many precautionary measures as possible could very well be liable. These measures include sanitizing indoor surfaces of the ship regularly. A cruise ship lawyer will help you find out if you have a case.


Complications From Lockdown

A cruise ship which has been quarantined cannot have its passengers disembark. Not only were many passengers exposed to risk on the ship, but they were also potentially without medical attention. This can mean medical attention in response to the coronavirus, but it can also mean diabetics who didn’t have access to a new EpiPen, for example. For some, days without medication can be catastrophic. Setting sail during a global pandemic increased health risks for passengers in more ways than one. 


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The cruise line industry has a lot to answer for with regards to its role in exacerbating the coronavirus pandemic. They must keep you safe; putting you and thousands of others in a dangerous situation is negligence, plain and simple. You were a victim of that negligence if you developed symptoms up to two weeks after being on a cruise ship or if you were in a dangerous situation due to the ship being quarantined. If you were on a ship during the period when COVID-19 was spreading, you may be entitled to compensation for damages. Contact a cruise ship lawyer at Irwin Law Firm in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area to start seeking justice today.