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On most cruise ships, there are only certain activities that you typically need to sign waivers for. This is so that when a cruise accident happens, and you already have your waiver signed, all you need is to speak to cruise ship lawyers from Irwin Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale, FL to handle your case.


Involved in a Cruise Accident?


Were you involved in a cruise accident and are now looking for some answers to help your case? If so, it is important to let us know what type of common accident were you involved in: FlowRider, rock climbing, and/or ice skating.


FlowRider: The flowrider experience is a surf simulator in shallow water at high water speeds. You can have a high risk for injury because you do not have the cushion of water as you do when you surf in the ocean. Combining the fact that a lot of people typically use FlowRider with no experience as surfers with the high risk for injury can be disastrous if the proper safety precautions are not taken.


Rock Climbing: The first issue here is that they do not have proper staff guarding the people who wish to use the rock climbing wall. When it comes time to replace ropes and harnesses, it may not be done when it needs to be. In this case, the equipment is not up to code and in most cases is the primary cause of injury. It should not be the passenger’s job to double check the materials but for their own safety, on a cruise ship, they may want to ensure that they do.


Ice Skating: Even a small slip can end badly and cause a passenger to need weeks or months of rehabilitation. Given the speeds of skating, passengers should take caution when on the cruise ship and decline more so than when on land.


While these activities may seem like fun, they may come with consequences if all parties involved are not being cautious. These activities are different on a cruise ship than when on land. Making sure you sign the proper waivers will save you from other hassles later on. Make sure you check your equipment and the safety regulations before participating in activities aboard.


Irwin Law Firm is Here to Help


If you or a loved one have been involved in any of these cruise accident types, it is very important to reach out to cruise ship lawyers from Irwin Law Firm to make sure your case gets reviewed and you get all the information you need to cover your case. Let us get you the help you need to ensure you get what you deserve and come out on top.


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When you are participating in activities on a cruise ship, it is so important to sign the correct waivers just in case you ever encounter a cruise accident. If you should find yourself in a situation such as an accident from an activity, be sure to reach out to Irwin Law Firm, in Fort Lauderdale, FL to discuss your case and get everything handled with one of our cruise ship lawyers.