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Buying a boat can be an amazing experience for any boat-lover. Owning a boat is a dream which is driven by love for sailing and, thereby, can be an emotional purchase for many. Therefore, most individuals may rush to sign off the paper and get onto the water. However, it is extremely important to seek the right legal advice from an experienced attorney before finalizing the deal. In this article, we will discuss why our maritime Irwin Law Firm lawyer advises using a hull surveyor before purchasing a boat.

Why Should You Use A Hull Surveyor Before Buying A Boat?

Firstly, it is mandatory to have a pre-purchase survey by an independent hull surveyor, also known as a maritime attorney, prior to purchasing a boat. A surveyor is required to have a professional indemnity insurance and recognized credentials in order to be eligible to provide their services and present a survey report. This report may include details pertaining to the condition and seaworthiness of the boat. Moreover, it will also contain the list of inventory items which will be confirmed with the list in the contract. Arguably, the biggest benefit of this report is that it also serves as a great bargaining tool to get a better deal for the boat. Additionally, there are many technicalities involved when it comes to purchasing a boat, which, if not addressed early can become quite problematic. For instance, your broker may fail to deliver the boat right through to not acquiring title and ownership. Thus, your attorney will also draft a legitimate contract which may address all the issues and technicalities that are
applicable to your case.

Furthermore, a maritime attorney is especially beneficial in the case when you are importing a ship from overseas. They will handle all the issues concerning the import taxes and customs to comply with the laws and avoid any future complications. They may also verify the legitimacy of your broker and guide you about your obligations and rights. After the process of purchase reaches its completion, matters such as transfer of ownership and boat registration need to be addressed. In some cases, you may require commercial registration or perhaps a draft charter party as well. In these instances, acquiring services of a maritime attorney can be advantageous for expediting these processes and ensuring that they are dealt professionally without any errors or complications.

Finally, in case there are some legal issues pertaining to your boat purchase, you are eligible to hold your attorney liable for losses. Not only will it provide you extra financial protection, but it will also help you to limit the scope of the potential liability that you may face in case you are charged with a fine, penalty, unpaid taxes, or any matter which may give a rise to a financial obligation.

To conclude, if you are buying a boat, it is imperative that you seek the professional services of a hull surveyor represented by a reputable firm. Using their comprehensive knowledge and vast experience, they will protect your rights and ensure that your transaction reaches to its completion swiftly and hassle-free. If you wish to know more about this subject or wish to schedule a consultation, contact Irwin Law Firm to talk to an experienced hull surveyor.