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If you are a boating enthusiast, then you already know that there is no place like Florida. Why? Because of the abundance of environments perfect for boating but safety is something that every boater must pay attention to. This means that the more a boater prepares, the safer they will be at the time of the boating excursion. If you ever encounter a boating accident, you must hire an experienced boat accident lawyer of Irwin Law Firm, serving in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. However, we always wish for your safety and for you to avoid any accidents and the need to hire a lawyer at all; therefore, you must keep in mind the following safety cautions.


Tips That Will Help You Avoid Boating Accident

  • Never drink alcohol before driving a boat. Always establish a designated driver, as though you were going out with friends in a car. There is an added risk when you are unsure who is an experienced boater and who isn’t. For the sake of reducing risk, if you know you are the most experienced boater, avoid alcohol entirely. 
  • Never turn off your emergency radio. You must keep on monitoring a specific channel because you never know who might need you. Also, in case of a boating emergency, you must know how to use VHF.


Staying Diligent and Alert Saves Lives

  • Keep a lookout along with a steady speed. If the operator is inattentive, inexperienced, or driving at excess speed while not paying attention, there is a higher chance of boating accidents. It is essential to know your boat’s limits, traffic density, visibility, and the proximity of any hazards, including maritime.
  • Maintaining your boat at all times is critical. This means that before you take your guests/passengers out on the open waters, ensure the boat’s condition is perfect. Regular safety checks are offered by U.S. Power Squadron and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary at zero cost. The certified examiners will help you with all the necessary information on using all the boat’s equipment and all applicable safety procedures. And if you face any injury, then don’t forget to consult with a boat accident lawyer.


Never Forget About Life Jackets & Weather

  • There are a few laws regarding life jackets, and you must know all about them. In Florida, the rate of boating fatalities is higher, and most of them happen when a passenger falls off the boat and drowns. Only a lifejacket can save you in such time.
  • Know the route to your destination, and always choose the safest course. Unlike road journeys, it’s easier to lose track of where you’re going while on a boat. Following the route decreases the chances of that happening. Also, having safety equipment onboard isn’t enough; one must know how to operate them when the time comes.
  • While boating, weather plays a very crucial role. Therefore, before you sail, do check out the weather. One must monitor and track the forecast along with the marine weather forecast. Knowing both is vital for a safe journey because the weather is unpredictable.


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If you have encountered a boating accident and don’t know how to deal with the aftermath, connecting with a boat accident lawyer of Irwin Law Firm is the right choice. Choose these experts in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area and keep all your tension out of your mind.