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When we take a look back at World History, throughout the years there have been a handful of marine time disasters. Some of these are way more significant than others. Since the experts at Irwin Law Firm professional cruise ship lawyers, we thought we touch base on very famous boat accidents in history. We want the people of Fort Lauderdale to be safe out there on the open waters.


Popular Maritime Disasters and Boat Accidents of History

  • RMS Titanic
    • It was the subject of the James Cameron blockbuster that broke records and even the subject of a musical. But just what is it about the Titanic that captures the imagination? Besides being the first boat of its time to become quickly ill-fated, another reason is the arrogance of referring to the ship as ‘unsinkable’. Plus the tragic loss of life has to be a part of the fascination that continues to this day. On April 15th, 1912, the Titanic was adjusting course several times, on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. The idea was to sail along an area of the northern Atlantic Ocean called ‘the corner’, where ships of the day normally would sail past Newfoundland. At the time, the ship was on course for the Nantucket Shoals Light when it hit an iceberg on the starboard side while attempting to steer around it. Perhaps the biggest error was the fact that the ship only had lifeboats for around half of the people on board. The crew was not prepared to handle an evacuation. About 1500 people perished, and approximately 710 survived a tragedy that was, if not preventable, could have been reduced considerably if there had been enough lifeboats and a competently trained crew.


  • SS Edmund Fitzgerald
    • Without the famous song, the SS Edmund Fitzgerald might have literally sunk into obscurity. This American Great Lakes freighter was used to haul taconite iron ore from the mines near Duluth in Minnesota to the iron works in Toledo, Detroit, and other Great Lakes port cities. On November 9, 1975, Captain Ernest McSorley commanded the ship on what should have been a somewhat routine run from Superior, Wisconsin to a steel mill that was near Detroit. On that day, the Edmund Fitzgerald accompanied the SS Arthur M. Anderson, another freighter. However, the next day, both ships were caught up in a sudden storm with waves of up to 35 feet and winds that were near hurricane force. The Fitzgerald reported it was having some difficulties, but its last transmission to the Anderson said that they were holding their own. Just after 7:10 PM, the Fitzgerald suddenly sank about 17 miles from Whitefish Bay. The Anderson searched in vain for survivors among the 29 crew members, but there were none. Along with the tragic loss of life, the sinking caused a loss of some $24 million, which was the most in Great Lakes maritime history.


  • F/V Andrea Gail
    • The fishing vessel Andrea Gail was lost at sea with all hands on October 28, 1991. This inspired the popular Mark Wahlberg film called The Perfect Storm. This 72-foot long commercial fishing vessel made its home in Marblehead, Massachusetts, although it would also sail out of Gloucester, which is where catches would be offloaded and supplies reloaded for future runs. On September 20, 1991, the Andrea Gail set sail from Gloucester to the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. Captain Billy Tyne was disappointed with the fishing, so he sailed east to the Flemish Cap regardless of weather reports of bad conditions. He set sail for home on October 26, not waiting as the catch was about to spoil since the ship’s ice machine was not working properly. Ocean buoy monitors reported wave heights of 39 feet, with weather buoys reporting waves of up to 60 feet. The wreck itself has not been recovered. Educated guesses put it somewhere near the continental shelf near Sable Island.


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