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Cruises are a very popular way to spend a vacation, spend some time away, and see far away places while enjoying the ride there and back. On a ship alongside thousands of people, accidents are known to happen. Cruise lines know “operational mishaps,” occur: sometimes small things like a passenger fall on deck, to a more serious event such as a small fire. If you experience an accident while on a cruise, big or small, consult the services from admiral law experts at Irwin Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, should be your next move. 


Here are some common ways people lose their cases.

Thinking Admiral Law is The Same as Other Kinds of Law

While you might have a lawyer for things such as business or personal matters, seeking out a cruise ship lawyer will help you check the boxes for a successful case. Take it from us. Maritime law gets complicated quickly due to the roving nature of boats. Jurisdiction changes, due to a host of factors that include details related to your accident and injury.


Timelines for reporting accidents are much shorter than in other cases. Cruise lines typically require a notice of a claim within six months of the accident, and then the entire injury case within one year of the injury. If this does not sound fast to you, consider the typical timeline to sue for a car accident is four years! 

Not Reporting Their Injury Accurately and Immediately

The number one reason people lose cases is not gathering proper evidence. Similar to an auto accident, doing things like taking photos, writing down important details, and getting witness names will build you a robust case to present. 


It is tempting to lie about a fall or to not report it at all. No matter what, you should report your accident, especially when the cruise line is at fault. While reporting it, do not lie or be coerced to minimize the injury. This might be a tactic to avoid a lawsuit and will hurt your case. Go immediately to the ship’s doctor to be thoroughly examined. Doing this will help your cruise ship lawyer present a good case and win you your compensation.  No need to accept blame or apologize for the accident — we leave fault to the court to decide.


Not Retaining a Cruise Ship Lawyer Who Practices in Florida.


The most crucial piece of the strategy is to find a lawyer who practices in southern Florida. They will be familiar with the law since most cruise lines dock here, and therefore the cases take place in Florida courts. Hiring a lawyer from outside of this area will cost you your money, lose your case, and leave you without any compensation.


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