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Admiral law is law that handles maritime and nautical disputes. Admiral law is also considered to be maritime law and governs admiral activities. Overall admiral  law control torts, injuries, contracts and offenses related to marine issues. Typically maritime law is based on interactions between captions, ships, boats and oceanic activities. Crew members or ship captains often use maritime law to settle marine disputes. Admiral law involves international and domestic laws  and governs the relationship between oceanic-parties. Typically crew members and captains will have disputes related to obligations they may have on the ship or related to their area of work. Admiral law is used to resolve conflicts between torts and contracts. As of now admiralty covers all bodies of water and any ships that board on them. Irwin law firm is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and was founded on a dedication to help clients get the compensation that they deserve under maritime law. If you are seeking legal counsel in the realm of maritime law, it is essential to seek experienced legal counsel in order to receive your full compensation. At Irwin Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale they have many areas of practice such as Admiralty and Maritime Law, Cruise ship accidents, Jones Act, and even commercial litigation. Contact Irwin Law Firm if you have any questions about maritime law or maritime law injury claims.


Maritime Law often involves incidents such as seamen injury,damage to marine property, or spills of toxic materials into the oceans. Incidents where cargo are lost also involve maritime law cases to determine who is liable for the loss of property. If you are a victim of an injury at sea  it must be under jurisdiction for maritime law to apply. A body of water that only exists in a single state would not be under maritime law jurisdiction. Many lawyers and attorneys are not willing to accept maritime law cases because they aren’t proficient in Admiral law. Irwin Law Firm specializes in admiral law and they’re dedicated to getting you the compensation if you are the victim of a personal injury at sea. Navigating admiral law cases is nearly impossible without a lawyer that is experienced in handling similar cases.


Admiral Law Injury Cases


In Admiral injury cases it is important to know that as a passenger on a ship you have a specific amount of time to file a claim if you are injured.Cruise ship passengers can come from anywhere and will need a proper maritime attorney to help guide them. Knowing where and when to file is important if you want to get justice. Shipowners own passengers with a duty of reasonable care. It’s the passengers responsibility to prove they shipowner was negligent and responsible for them being injured. Typically passengers have 1 year–half the normal allotted time to file a claim following an injury. A maritime lawyer understands how to take control of these situations by helping you with questions and providing you with the solutions you need to receive compensation.