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You must be wondering if you can file for compensation if you get injured during a hurricane. A Maritime law attorney talks about hurricane safety: your rights as a maritime worker. Maritime work can be naturally dangerous, and workers who get hurt during such moments may find it very tough to get compensation from their employer in South FL, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. So, who is responsible if a maritime employee gets hurt by bad weather?  People consider maritime dangerous because they include natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. When these things happen, many courts of law will consider if a maritime employer researched forecasts or listened to warnings to put measures in place to contain the possible dangers that were attached. Let our experts at Irwin Law Firm represent you in legal matters.

A Maritime Law Attorney Talks About Hurricane Safety: Your Rights As A Maritime Worker – The Duty Of A Maritime Employer

It is the primary responsibility of maritime employers to guarantee the safety of their employees and other key people that work with them. It is important to put security that suits the danger attached to maritime work during the moment of hurricanes. There is a discrepancy between on and offshore work environments. It is easy to evacuate workers inland away from ports until the tropical storm and hurricane pass. In contrast, offshore workers demand meticulous planning and scrutinizing methods to adopt in ensuring safety. Also, to answer the question you have been asking yourself, “Can I file for compensation if I get injured during a hurricane?” You will get all the answers you need from our experts. 

What To Do Before A Hurricane?

Some of the efforts to be made for maritime safety are:

  • You should be assessing and replacing any lines or rigging that are getting worn out or frail. The most unfortunate moment a rope can snap is during or in the middle of a tropical storm and hurricane.
  • The consideration of setting multiple anchors must be given special attention in every possible way. Keeping the ship at the port can be considered important in avoiding injury.
  • Give adequate attention to the reduction, removal, or instruments storage from the ship’s surface.

Contact An Experienced Maritime Law Attorney Immediately

The purpose of this piece is to educate and inform people, and we need to note that problems that are left unattended have the potential of becoming a crisis. Sometimes, common and ordinary matters of legality can become complex and challenging. So take the most crucial step towards safety and get in touch with Irwin Law Firm. Our team has enviable track records that will assist in ensuring your rights. 

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A maritime law attorney talks about hurricane safety: your rights as a maritime worker in South FL, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. Looking for a maritime law attorney can be more complex than it appears. So stop searching for a maritime law attorney; contact us today at Irwin Law Firm for your maritime safety and assistance on your legal situation.