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Know Your Rights At Ports of Call

What exactly is a port of call and what does it mean to be at one? If you are on a cruise or some other means of naval transport, it is important to be informed regarding the various marine laws that surround landing and docking. There are...

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Drinking and Gambling Laws at Sea

Show me the money! Oh and give me a free alcoholic drink while playing these slot machines. Did you know that cruise ships have to abide by certain water law? The days of fun in Florida with gambling cruises to nowhere are all but forgotten;...

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What To Do If You Are Injured At Sea

Whether it was a serious accident or a simple trip and fall, the laws in place while out at sea vary from those on land. Because of this, cruise ship accidents are handled a bit differently. In order to receive compensation from an accident...

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A Cruise Ship Crime That is Far Too Common

Of all of the unspeakable crimes that occur here on U.S. soil, there is one in particular that is, sadly, a common cruise ship crime. Assault and rape are the most documented crime that occurs on cruise ships. Cruise ship lawyers want you to...

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Top Cruise Ship Accidents Passengers Should Be Aware Of

The last thing you are expected to think of when planning your vacation is the potential cruise ship accidents that can occur while you are on board. While we hope that your tropical getaway is as pleasant and relaxing as you intended, if you...

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Speak To An Attorney Before You Buy a Yacht!

When you are looking to purchase or sell a boat, it can be advantageous for you to acquire the services of a professional to assist you during the transaction process. Of course, not every transaction necessitates towards the services of an...

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Tips on How to Avoid A Cruise Ship Accident

Slip and fall cases are one of the most common incidents among cruise passengers. These incidents may happen on different floor surfaces such as an open deck, restaurant, theater, pool, or any common area of the ship. The most common reasons...

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