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What Benefits am I Entitled to As an Injured Seaman?

When you are injured at sea, you may need a work injury lawyer to get a better idea of what benefits you are entitled to. As a maritime attorney, Irwin Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale knows that you should not have to suffer without additional assistance if you are...

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Advice on Buying a Boat That Won’t Lead to Legal Headaches

Buying a boat is an exciting prospect, but you must be prepared for the process so that you can avoid any nightmares. Irwin Law Firm near Miami is an experienced maritime attorney that is willing to help clients through the boat purchasing process to ensure that there...

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Be Wary of Cruise Ship Activity Waivers!

On most cruise ships, there are only certain activities that you typically need to sign waivers for. This is so that when a cruise accident happens, and you already have your waiver signed, all you need is to speak to cruise ship lawyers from Irwin Law Firm in Fort...

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3 Things Maritime Workers Should Know After An Injury

Have you been injured while out at sea and wondering about a lawyer who covers maritime law Miami, FL, residents trust, reach out to Irwin Law Firm for the answers you need. Our maritime attorney can look at your case and discuss with you the possible outcomes of a...

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Facts All Cruise Passengers Should Know Before Departure

Are you searching for cruise tips to prepare yourself for your upcoming trip? It is important as a cruise ship passenger that you are ready for departure and that you get in touch with cruise ship lawyers from Irwin Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale, FL just in case...

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Be Prepared: Facts All Cruise Passengers Should Know

If you want to be prepared with facts all passengers should know about cruises and cruise ship injury before their next big trip, Irwin Law Firm near Fort Lauderdale, FL can help answer any questions or concerns you may have. Let us know where you are headed and what...

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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show – A Big Success!

We just spent time helping so many people find the right boats for them and trading in boats to get newer ones or get them out of situations that needed a maritime attorney by their side! It was a big success this year and we hope people will talk so we can see many...

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How To Obtain Justice For Sexual Crimes On Cruise Ships

Irwin Law Firm near Fort Lauderdale, FL can help you find the right cruise ship lawyers to represent you for your sexual harassment cases. We work with litigation in commercial and personal injury cases to assure clients get the attention they need to win their case....

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