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The Most Common Types of Offshore Accidents

When you think of an accident from a vehicle you often just assume it includes a car. The thought of any watercraft such as a sailboat or yacht, never really comes to mind. However, these types of accidents are very common and just as deadly....

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Have You Been Injured in a Cruise Ship Fire?

When you are on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about it a disaster striking. That will only make your moments of paradise stressful. Imagine if you were on a luxury cruise and a cruise ship fire ignites. This could easily lead to a...

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Cruise Ship Safety and Regulations

Cruise ships can be a wonderful time where you and your companions have plenty of stress-free relaxation and fun. These gigantic marine vessels, however, require certain safety regulations and must meet certain standards in order to function smoothly and...

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Know Your Rights At Ports of Call

What exactly is a port of call and what does it mean to be at one? If you are on a cruise or some other means of naval transport, it is important to be informed regarding the various marine laws that surround landing and docking. There are...

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Drinking and Gambling Laws at Sea

Show me the money! Oh and give me a free alcoholic drink while playing these slot machines. Did you know that cruise ships have to abide by certain water law? The days of fun in Florida with gambling cruises to nowhere are all but forgotten;...

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What To Do If You Are Injured At Sea

Whether it was a serious accident or a simple trip and fall, the laws in place while out at sea vary from those on land. Because of this, cruise ship accidents are handled a bit differently. In order to receive compensation from an accident...

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