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The Top Infamous Maritime Disasters

When we take a look back at World History, throughout the years there have been a handful of marine time disasters. Some of these are way more significant than others. Since the experts at Irwin Law Firm professional cruise ship lawyers, we...

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Boat Accidents Less Frequent Nationally

Good news for all boat owners- statistics are showing that the pleasure boat maritime industry has become safer than ever! According to the 2017 Recreational Boating Statistics, released by the U.S. Coast Guard, fatal boat accidents have...

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Five Commonly Misused Nautical Terms

Are you a pro when it comes to fishing or sailing? There is probably nobody out there who knows boating better than you. However, what if you are wrong when it comes to particular nautical terms. The professionals at Irwin Law Firm are here to inform you...

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Most Common Sea Crimes

Going on a vacation is so exciting, getting a much-needed break is something everyone looks forward to, but you also can’t ignore the possibility of something going wrong. Being on a boat at sea can leave you exposed to cruise crimes that you...

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What To Know About Cruise Ship Jurisdiction

You are about to embark on a grand adventure across the Atlantic. Bon Voyage! We hope for nothing but the best. Hopefully, you will experience wondrous memories and good company. However, what if something does hinder your trip. The...

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The Most Common Types of Offshore Accidents

When you think of an accident from a vehicle you often just assume it includes a car. The thought of any watercraft such as a sailboat or yacht, never really comes to mind. However, these types of accidents are very common and just as deadly....

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The Jones Act And The Injury or Death of Seaman

Working as a seaman on a large vessel comes without a lot of dangers that other occupations don’t have to face. For one the fact that you’re out at sea with little to no access to outside resources in an instant can pose a lot of threats and dangers. In...

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4 Tips For Avoiding A Boat Accident

Going for a ride on the open water is one of the most relaxing things a person can experience. There is nothing in front of them, but salt water and fresh air. However, many boaters overlook the dangers that the open water presents because...

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