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Located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Yachting Capital of the World, Irwin Law Firm is a full service practice providing personalized service in Maritime law, Admiralty law, Personal Injury Litigation helping clients with transactions, civil litigation and dispute resolutions.
Areas of Practice
Admiralty and Maritime Law  • Commercial Litigation • Transactional Law - Buying and Selling 
Contract for the Construction of Vessel  • Personal Injury Litigation • Jones Act 
General Contract Drafting • Opinion Letters for Banks •  Civil Appeals •  Civil Litigation Defense
Manufacturers • Dealers • Banks 
Vessel owners • Crew 
Yacht Buyers  • Yacht Sellers
Marine Repair and Maintenance Companies
Corporate Entities • Individuals
Client Services
Yacht Transactions - Foreign & Domestic Ownership
Counsel to Marine Businesses
Civil Litigation
Commercial Litigation
Contract for Construction of a Vessel
General Contract Drafting